Discovering Mind Maps and Concept Maps Changed The Way I Brainstorm, Learn, and Create.

Mike Huang
4 min readJul 3, 2020
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I’ve always been the type of person that loved creating lists or writing down notes word for word during school lectures. Although it felt like I was accomplishing a lot by doing these things, it would also seem like I wasn’t retaining much of the information I was writing down. I would always wonder if I wasn’t studying correctly or if I wasn’t focused enough.

Last year I stumbled upon an interesting book with a colorful, radial image on the front cover called The Mind Map Book that would go on to help me work on my ability to retain information, brainstorm, and organize my thoughts. Rather than making lists and thinking linearly, the main concept of a mind map is that you create a visual diagram on one main topic or idea that will allow you to efficiently organize and understand the information.

Procrastination Buster Mind Map example from
Creating effective behavior change programs Mind Map Example from

What are the main foundations of Mind Mapping?

  1. The main topic or theme in the center
  2. Other main themes radiating from the center (sort of like a tree or spider’s web)
  3. Short phrases and different colors or textures to better connect the concepts
  4. Main points for each sub-theme connected by branches

What are some advantages to Mind Mapping?

  1. It allows for an easier way to brainstorm and get into a creative mindset
  2. Fast way to categorize and organize ideas of a particular topic
  3. By using colors, images, textures, and key words it may be more engaging and encourages retention of the information being mapped

What about some disadvantages to Mind Mapping?

  1. For people with a more logical method of thinking, it is harder to come up with ideas and images for the brainstorming process
  2. It’s not very self explanatory, therefore the person that created the Mind Map…
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