It finally became too much a problem in my life and I needed to change.

“A few more videos on YouTube should be fine…”

“One more game of DOTA 2 and I’ll still be able to get six hours of sleep.”

“I’ll just stay in bed and browse some Instagram until I get tired.”

Above were the things I would consistently say to myself as the clock on my phone neared 11:00 PM, even around 12:00 AM at times. …

Thanks for sharing your experience, I have that difficulty also! Trying to get better. I'll definitely check out those videos, thanks :)

Eternal Return reminds me of an anime-style Hunger Games, where you drop as one of 18 different “Test Subjects” on a small island full of loot boxes and animals. The point of the game is the be the last survivor, and just like most battle royale games you need to be one of the last one(s) standing. There is a solo, duo, and team mode.

After taking a long break from writing on Medium, I decided that I would make it one of my goals this year to write at least weekly, and increase that frequency to once per day by the end of this year. Reflecting upon my experiences through the 30+ years I’ve been alive, I actually have a lot to share with other people that may help them in anyway.

I want to share my experience in topics ranging from Business, Relationships, College, Entrepreneurship and Travel. I never really had a goal on what I wanted to be growing up, and I…

A great option for folks who haven’t been able to get into Apex Legends or Fortnite

After getting wrecked in endless matches of Apex Legends and not being able to build at all in Fortnite, I decided I was done with the battle royale genre. That was, until I stumbled upon some video footage of a 3rd person shooter type game that combined anime/Breath of Wild-style graphics with magic casting. I just had to play this!

Luckily it was readily available for free on PS4 and I downloaded it right away to try out. You are forced to go through a tutorial to learn the basic gameplay, and then shortly afterward, you will be able to…

I just read an article on CNN that said over 52% of young adults in the US are living with their parents, and that it’s the highest it’s been since it was recorded through the census during the Great Depression in 1940.

Throughout all racial and ethnic groups in the age range of 18–29, there was an increase of about 9 percent, or a little over 3 million people moving home with their parents or grandparents compared to a year ago.

It doesn’t seem surprising though, when coupled with the fact that “40% of Americans don’t have $400 in the…

I’ve always been the type of person that loved creating lists or writing down notes word for word during school lectures. Although it felt like I was accomplishing a lot by doing these things, it would also seem like I wasn’t retaining much of the information I was writing down. I would always wonder if I wasn’t studying correctly or if I wasn’t focused enough.

Last year I stumbled upon an interesting book with a colorful, radial image on the front cover called The Mind Map Book that would go on to help me work on my ability to retain…

This year really hit all of us hard, with a worldwide pandemic and unreasonable responses to it, coupled with blatant social injustices that only reveal a small part of much larger ongoing issues. It’s easy for some people like me to disassociate from it all by just grinding mindless video games for hours on end or binge watching Netflix shows, but that isn’t helpful in the long run. Avoiding problems may just cause them to become amplified and return to bite you way harder in the future.

After 3 months of being quarantined in my parents house and barely interacting…

The first time doing something new can be really daunting. The first time riding a bike, the first time presenting in class, the first time interviewing for a job are just a few of many intimidating experiences that come to mind.

At the same time, new experiences can be so beautiful and profound that it helps you develop and grow as a person. I remember the feeling of the first time visiting the beach, the first time experiencing a new culture, the first time attending university and moving away from home.

The most important thing that I’ve learned over my…

Mike Huang

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur focused on transforming the wanting into achieving.

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